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These are the phrases that appear in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty in the 4th year of King Taejong’s reign (1404) designated as the UNESCO Memory of the World. They read: The King fell off a horse while chasing a roe deer with a bow and arrow. Looking both ways, he said, “Do not let the military officer know of it.”

The King was aware of the military officers’ behavior of recording a bit too thoroughly but the military officers recorded the facts far more earnestly than the King had thought. King Sejong the Great, the son of the King, created the Korean alphabet himself to help the Korean people read and write conveniently. As Chinese characters were too difficult to use for regular citizens, he created letters that could be read and written easily.

Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is the best content that Korea has to offer the world. Now I am writing this with the very letters of Hangul.

Novels written in Hangul, created by the king in person, were popular in Joseon’s royal palaces. Love stories contained in classical novels read by the queen and royal concubines and court ladies led to Korea’s present soap operas. Korea, where stories have been loved very much, has become a powerhouse of soap operas, and Busan, where the annals of the Joseon Dynasty were preserved, developed into a central city of contents.

The 2018 Busan Contents Market (BCM)
attracted 1,099 companies from 48 countries,
resulting in contracts worth $40 million.

Busan is now the hub of Korea’s movie and motion picture industry, as well as a Creative City of Film as designated by UNESCO.
In May every year, Busan hosts a broadcasting program market that represents Asia.
The 2018 Busan Contents Market (BCM) attracted 1,099 companies from 48 countries, resulting in contracts worth $40 million.

Sponsored by Busan City and the central government, Busan Contents Market was established to develop quality contents and help with content planning and production. Please do not hesitate to make inquiries to the BCM if you need a market for contents or new items. Even now as we have witnessed the development of online digital technology, dealings have a higher rate of success in the presence of face-to-face meetings. Come to Busan. You can meet with Asia’s digital broadcasting experts including sellers, buyers, investors, brokers, and researchers.

Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO) neighboring Haeundae beach will certainly add a thrill to your contents. We welcome your visit to Busan along with the citizens of port city Busan who love movies and videos.

November 26, 2018 Busan Contents Market Organizing Committee

Chairman of the Executive Committee Hwang, Euy-Wan

Chairman of the Executive Committee Hwang, Euy-Wan

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