BCM2021 With unexpected occurrence of pandemic situation worldwide this year, ONLINE BCM market is going online for the first time with gathering of international broadcasting industry buyers and sellers by promoting safe business transactions and communications of media business with streamings of various contents and online activities for everyone.

BCM 3D Virtual Online Market

15th International BUSAN CONTENTS MARKET


11.03(Wed) ~ 11.12(Fri)

BCM opens a new content space on the 3D virtual online market, creates new flow of culture, and makes new value in the exchanges of all contents with NFT

BCM2021 Leaflet

Online market space organization

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1. Computing environment

3D Online market supports Window(PC), android/ios(mobile phone)

2. Contacting methods

1) Users access 3D online market easily with given link which is operated by WebGI

2) 참가자는 메일이나 메신저 등을 통해 전달받은 링크주소를 클릭만 하면 "BCM 온라인 마켓" 중앙광장에 익명의 아바타로 참가

2) Users can participate in the online market with unnamed avatar when clicking given link, and accessed the online market quicker by downloading the program      상시 사용자의 경우 로그인을 하면 빠른 접속을 위해 다운로드를 통한 접속도 가능

3) Uses are given same online market ID/PW as BCM homepage ID/PW

3. Space organization

1) 3RD Floor –BCM market , 2nd floor – Conference, 1st floor - Funding

Online market Access

Dropped into the Central Plaza on 3rd floor with an anonymous name

Exhibitors operates stands and do business with kiosk

Kiosk monitor for Exhibitor’s stands

Max. 10 each man/woman avatar characters

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