Virtual Reality Zone with VR/AR

BCM New Media Experience Station will showcase a VR experience called VR Comics. It has some of the best VR fantasy content in the world. VR Comics has been invited to many internationally-renowned film festivals, proving its skyrocketing global popularity.

Busan Museum of Movies will provide you with an incredible VR experience which includes Busan’s first-ever VR+AR content and Trick Eye Museum.

Event Overview

Exhibition BCM VR Comic Experience Zone

May 8(Wed)~5.10 (Fri), 3days

Main Participants ▪ ComixV /DexterStudios


Want to feel like you’re a movie star? Then stand against the picture and run the app! The dynamic Trick Eye experience with Augmented Reality technology will turn your dreams into reality!


VR 1. Zombie Day A zombie virus has spread throughout Busan! Your job is to find the only cure for the outbreak!
VR 2. Dinosaurs are alive Coming out of a geopark, a massive dinosaur is rampaging through the streets of Busan.Watch out everyone!
VR 3. WARA Busan Tour While exploring Geumnyeonsan Mountain you run into Wara, a magical fairy.
Follow her on a magic carpet as you search for treasures scattered throughout Busan.
※ The video will be in Korean
※Children under 7 are not allowed to watch the VR content.
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