BCM2022 Registration

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Type Details
Free Registration
  • Regular Registration(Green ID)

    - For regular participants, sign up via e-mail address

    - Enter BCM market after sign-up

    - Except for looking around the market, business activities and entering the conference room are not allowed

  • Business Registration(Yellow ID) - approving registration

    - For media content industry workers and related organizations

    - Available using conference room and entering market

    - Available communicating between participants

Charging Registration
  • Matching Registration(Orange ID)
    - Allowed :
    Business registration(Yellow ID) + Data Base for major buyers
    - Registration Fee :
    Pre registration(1.Oct ~ 30.OCT): USD50 (KRW50,000)
    General registration: (1.Nov ~ 10.Nov): USD100 (KRW100,000)
  • until 12 november
  • 100% No Refund
  • Host & Organized

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